Thursday, September 19, 2013

9/19/13 Sweet Success

Sweet Success
9/19/13 Day 41 –Shayla Hill
            What a day! Where do I even start? We paddled the last 19 miles of our canoe expedition today and boy was it a day. We all decided as a group to take off this morning in the mist and wind. Little did we know that this led to a very cold, wet, and long tiring day. We all did it though. We completed the Grass River! When we stepped out of our canoes shivering cold, we got to work right away on unpacking the canoes to get them out of the water and onto the trailer. Once everything was loaded we headed to the campsite where some of our tent mates were already there with our tents ready, except of course that dang MSR tent for the leaders of the week.
            Everyone got their day bags and changed into nice dry clean clothes. To congratulate all of us Jeff took us out to eat. It was nice not having to cook at the end of a long tiring day. Everyone enjoyed their meals to the fullest.
            Now as I lay here in this darn MSR tent after we finally got it up. I realize that these past 28 days on the river flew. We’ve all shared so many stories, memories, and laughs. This has definitely been an experience that will not be forgotten. I’ve learned and grown so much.
            Tomorrow we have much to do. A few interpretations to be taught, the river expedition debrief, and tons of cleaning. It will be a great day though because it will be my birthday! I guess I’ll have to settle with Jeff’s gift of “paddling my butt the last 10 miles” today. Also dinner for everyone being dedicated to part of my birthday was a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much Jeff =) you didn’t have to do that. Now that my tummy is full and it’s late, sleep is coming quickly. So until next time…goodnight!

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