Friday, September 27, 2013

9/27/13-In the eyes of the buffalo

--> In the eyes of the buffalo
Kyle Pickett
At the beginning of the semester we were asked by Doc Lupton, “What do you think you will see if you look into the eyes of a buffalo?” Today I was able to get close enough to one to truly ask myself that question. This experience happened in the afternoon after we left our campsite to head for Mammoth. The morning before we left had been slow for the group. We didn’t have anything set up and some of us had no idea what we were doing for the day. Because of this our group spent a portion of the morning talking with Jeff and Shane about what our goals for the group were. This question was left open to the group and we all discussed what we thought needed to be done. After formulating a plan for the day and an idea about what we wanted to talk about, we decided to head to Mammoth Hot Springs to learn about the park as well as do some homework. While we drove towards our destination the question that was asked by Jeff kept running through my head. What goals did I truly want for our group and what needed to be done to make our group better? This thought was still in  my head when we got to see something amazing. Walking down the road we were driving on were three bison. The one in the front was he. As he walked down the road he kept inspecting each of the cars he passed by while the two behind followed along. When he started to pass our van his head turned towards the door and I felt he was looking straight at us. He was close enough you could almost see yourself in his eyes. After this experience my head was filled with what happened with the buffalo and what Doc had asked us in the beginning of the semester. I wondered what I truly saw in those dark solemn eyes and how did this experience relate to me? When I look back to the experience with the head buffalo I see something that relates to our group. In the head buffalo I saw how dead set he was on moving forward. His mind on what was ahead. But I also saw how curious he was to the things around him. Yet while he was curious to what he saw he was determined to move forward for the group. He was protective and thinking about his herd. When I look at this I see something that our group can take advice from. For we are a curios bunch. Always eager to move forward and learn. Yet while we do want to do these things we forget about the group and what they need. As leaders we should be able to find a balance with what we want and what the group needs. For if we are able to we will be able to accomplish whatever goals we set for ourselves in the future.

“A man can fail many times but he isn’t a total failure until he begins to blame someone else for his own deficiencies”- Waite Philips

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