Monday, September 16, 2013

09-16-13- A Busy Day of Growth & Perserverance

A Busy day of growth and perseverance!
By: Norris Andriuskevicius

Waking up after an afternoon with the instructors and facilitators being across a channel, they pulled up for the day to 

begin. We were ready at eight in the morning and headed down the body of water we came here for the most being the 

Grass river. With the sunrise coming above the horizon we took a quiet trip down the calm winding river, as it glistened 

without a ripple in the water. It was a very serene and majestic moment for me and many others. As I created a repetitive 

soothing rhythm of submerging my paddle to feel as I was gliding across the river in a meditative manner without gravity 

in effect. After following a group of nine baby ducklings for a mile or so the group came across the shortest portage yet 

totaling a hundred feet. This would also be the first set of rapids the entire group would attempt. After unloading bags, we 

began; some cleared the rapids with ease, others had paved their own path on the rapids, got stuck on rocks, and the 

most talked about fear ‘the tip’ where canoe partners went swimming. This was an important and exciting new 

experience for the group, and something that’ll never be forgotten. Our next encounter would take the group through a 

demanding physical stretch-zone experience that will also most certainly be remembered for it’s magnitude. The largest 

portage totaling a length of 850 meters one-way with five broken tree trunks laying over the trail, this was by far the most 

challenging experience we have yet to complete. Having to take somewhere between 3 to 5 trips to get 7 canoes and all 

of the bags around the five rapids, this was a grueling workout for all of us. As you push yourself to the limits and get 

outside your comfort zone, you discover how strong you truly are and allow for yourself to grow to heights you never 

before imagined. Legends, warriors, and other well-renowned figures have reached their great potentials through hard-

work ethic and pushing themselves to the limits while persevering to get stronger. We finished up the latter portion of our 

canoeing journey down the Grass river and into Tramping Lake where we left the Provincial Park area and had to find an 

unmarked campsite. Yesterday was a day a great growth, courage, and perseverance; making me very proud of our 

group of ECOEE 2013. As we continue to leave our footprints on our experience and encounter lots of experiences, I say 

lets's ‘Keep on, Keepin’ on!’ 

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