Sunday, September 22, 2013

9/22/13-On the road again

 Rogelio Hernandez
On the road again.
I have never heard so many alarms in the morning before. As I was awaking by the countless alarms that Norris setup. It reminded me that the transition between backcountry and front country was at a turn. Instead of hearing the sounds of birds, the wind blowing, and the rapids smashing against the rocks as it flowed down the pathway. I was bombarded by the sounds of seagulls by the sea, lazars shooting in space, and a gentle harp trying to ease my pain of waking up.
But a last all good things come to an end. I want to leave the group with some friendly reminders about living on the road. I called them the “living on the road for dummies” since we’re traveling back to the struggles of the front country.
First rule of thumb, don’t assume. Just because an area looks safe doesn’t mean it is. We want to keep in mind that everywhere we go we take safely very serious. 2. Organization is key, keeping the van clean and organized is the secret to group member’s happiness. 3. Entertainment- music though the universal go- to of any road tripper, after a few thousand miles on the road, it doesn’t cut it. Haven spoken words, van time is learning time. Think of the van as the center of the universal. Expand your mind by exploring something new, catching upon work, and having a conversation. The final tip of living on the road.
The key to life in the van is flexibility- flexibility in attitude, flexibility in lifestyle, flexibility in relationship, money, parenting, traveling, and business. The more you can adapt to the situation in life, the more powerful your high will be and the more quickly you’ll be able to bounce back from the low in your life.

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