Wednesday, September 18, 2013

9/18/13-Home, where my love awaits silently for me."

"Home, where my love awaits silently for me."
Tyler Schrapf
“I once sent my friends a telegram that read ‘Flee at once! All is discovered. . . They all left town immediately.” – Mark Twain. Today marks the last full day on the river, signaling an end to the Grass River expedition, and marking the first quarter of our trip. Due to our hurried pace to make up lost ground in weeks prior, we sat at the entrance of Paint Lake, our final destination, for one final day of rest and reflection before finally heading into the front country for good. It was a good thing too – There is a lot to consider. As the group heads back to the civilized world, one of the biggest things we took into consideration as we discussed the upcoming events was the reintroduction of technology into our lives. The group carefully weighed pros and cons for nearly two hours before finally coming to the conclusion that. . .we simply have to use our best judgement in regard to the temptations of technology.
                  The day was not only filled with discussions on telecommunications. A large portion of the day was spent sitting around a social fire shooting the breeze, literally; it was windy. Interpretations were given on Mercantilism & settlement, offering a greater depth of understanding our Canadian environment.
                  Overall I could not have invisioned a more positive back country experience. We ran rapids, hiked brutal portages, campled on some very inhospitable sites, and really pretty much just roughted it. As we move into the front country portion of our journey, I am hopeful that it can match the positivity and experiential learning that the Canadian wilderness has gifted us.

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