Sunday, September 29, 2013

9/29/13-Early Rising

                                                                   “Early Rising”
                                                                   Quinn Moore

            This morning I had a very interesting dream about school bells and alarm clocks. During my extremely weird dream I realized the noises I was hearing during my slumber were coming from my tent mate Andrew’s watch. I was upset that I heard his alarm go off at an early 4:30 am. As I laid awake in my sleeping bag, still drowsy, I thought to myself why on earth would I agree to get up this early again! I thought I learned my lesson when the group left Horn Field. Meanwhile I was still in my nice warm bag dreading the moment when I had to get out of my warm sanctuary; I remembered why we all agreed to get up this early. The whole group was looking forward to the possibility of seeing grey wolves early in the morning. Even though it was very early, I don’t think I have seen the group get ready so quickly! Once the vans were loaded the group got on the road and headed to our destination. Once we arrived at our stop, the whole group waited in the vans for about an hour hoping to see a glimpse of a wolf. Sadly no wolves were present, so it put a damper on the groups moral. After our depressing moment we got back on the road and headed back to camp. While we were driving we saw a grizzly bear off in the distance running through a field. I guess seeing a grizzly bear makes up for not seeing some wolves. Who am I kidding it was an awesome sight watching such a big animal running through the plain. Our next stop proved to be much more successful. It seemed like fate intervened because lone behold a bunch of people were scattered all around their cars looking at a pack of wolves! Some of the people had some high powered spotting scopes, that we kind enough to let the group look through. Off in the distance we were able to see an outline of five grey wolves feeding on a carcass. A park ranger was present as well and he gave the whole group a special interpretive talk about the wolves in Yellowstone. His name was Ranger Rick, and taught the group with almost as much enthusiasm, as the group had about wanting to learn about wolves. After our talk with Rick we got back on the road to see some more amazing sights. We had several more breathtaking stops before we arrived in Mammoth Hot Springs again. The group had about an hour of well needed free time before our next scheduled interpretive talk. The interpretive talk was very informative but not as exciting as Rick’s talk. After the talk the group headed back to the campsite to start dinner. After dinner and our daily debrief the group’s moral seemed a lot higher. The night before the group had a serious talk about the group dynamics and the problems the group faces. Today the group seemed to come closer together and our bonds strengthened. As I lay here in my tent writing in this journal I am looking forward to tomorrow’s plans. We are going to Old Faithful tomorrow and I have been looking forward to seeing the geyser for some time now. I have been looking forward to it because of an inside joke between my parents and I. So in closing goodnight to all and I hope everyone’s day was as exciting and educational as ours!
                                                Roses are red
                                                Violets are blue
                                                I don’t miss Roxanne

And neither should you!

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