Sunday, September 8, 2013

9/8/13-Wekusko Falls

                                                                   Wekusko Falls
                                                                   Elizabeth Flesher
We left Wekusko Falls and began our paddle on Wekusko Lake. Staying in formation we followed our navigator Ro. Jeff took a left while we stayed right. We paddled around a peninsula and me him at an island. This was his form of a test for us. Thoughts crossed a few of our minds to follow him instead of the head canoe, but we stuck together like a heard of caribou. Once we met Jeff we continues our paddle onward. The wind was not our friend today; waves began hitting the sides of our canoe splashing water over. As we paddled forward the wind tried its might to push us back. Success! We reached an amazing campground with sandy shores. The first beach we camped at yet. Emily and I got out of our canoes and raced each other to try and find the best site. They were all good with plenty of choices. After camp was set up Shane and Jeff taught lessons; Elements of Effective Group and Kents Illustrative Judgment Test. One of the questions from Kent’s test, maybe you might know the answer, “What is the Gestation period of an Asian Elephant (in days)?” If you were able to take the test and let Jeff describe its importance you could see the relevance to judgment. Once lessons were taught we all hastily made food and got ready for bed. My tent group decided to sleep outside under the stars. I lay here reflecting on the days that have past and the days to come. We are so lucky to have the opportunities we do, every day is a new day. I lay here wrapped in a blanket of stars and feel blessed. Blessed to have this adventure and blessed to have the people who encourage me and support me. Thank you to all who support us! I leave you with a quote, “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you land amongst the stars.”

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