Monday, September 23, 2013

9/23/13-The Magnificent Badlands

                                                        The Magnificent Badlands
                                                               Elizabeth Flesher
How Magnificent! After an 8 hour drive we made it to the badlands. Eyes widened as the land changed form fields of sunflowers to the rugged landscaped that reminded me of ant mounds. Once we got to our campground in the Badlands National Park we fumbled out of the vans to stretch and set up tents. As I tried setting up my tent I had to battle the wind that kept blowing and trying to take it away. Luckily Tyler came to help before I lost it. As dinner was being cooked a few of us took that chance to explore and see the badlands up close. We were all so excited and in awe of how much beauty this place holds. As we ran around and took pictures a few slipped through the clay-like mud. Kevin happened to fall and covered in mud. Dinner was ready so we all made our way back to camp. We chowed down on spaghetti and vegetables and saw that the sun was beginning to set. We made way to the top of a hill to enjoy the scenery. A ton of pictures  that we are excited to share with everyone back home. Never have I seen a sunset like this one. The last light of the day reflected off the badlands and gave the landscape a red tint. I didn’t want the sun to go down. I wanted to enjoy the beauty for awhile longer, but unfortunately it set. After everything was cleaned and put away we gathered so the LOW’s could brief us of the day ahead. We have an exciting tour and interpretation of the badlands scheduled. We will get the chance to put our knowledge to use of the topics we studied for the past semester and summer on outdoor education. It is bed time, but before that we got the care packages that were sent to us from back home. Everyone was happy to receive letters and packages from friends and loved ones. Thank you for supporting and thinking of us on our journey.

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