Friday, September 6, 2013

9/6/13 The Sunlight

9/06/13 Rogelio Hernandez                        The Sunlight 

Awaking up this morning to a beautiful sunrise of the Canadian wilderness, I began to think of how far the group has come from the first week at horn field campus the planning, scheduling and preparing our self for what the expedition has in store.  Looking around at every single person in this group has been an accomplishment in itself. The journey is half-way there, but a long ways to reach the grand line- Thompson.
As I walked to the cooking site, I saw that Quinn was cooking the group’s favorite meal. The chicken ramen soup. Ahh the good old ramen soup, as I took the first spoonful I remember the good old times back at western. The days of the poor college student. Whether I was working on a late night assignment for class, or coming back from a night full of fun. I knew that I could always count on ramen noodles. As I finish my bowl of noodles, I knew it was time to get ready for the day. Packed bags- check, pulled out canoe- check, load canoe- check. Jeff letting you know that you’re still packing bags pretty slowly- check.
The day processed with us paddling down Tampling Lake. I was assigned with Shane-max, as we paddle we laughed, we spoke and planned our future after ECOEE. As we paddle upstream we were able to view the pictograph. The vast beauty of the pictograph display the story of the shaman journey of animals, birds and mythical figures, horned serpents and the fabric of which only our dreams, and the shaman could relate to us. 
As we left the pictograph, we paddle up the river only to see, and hear the noises of cars, trucks and civilizations. We notice that each day, more and more of our technology, our city world is confronting on the natural world. We as people have to find the balance of both the civil world and natural world. So as people we can live in a peace with our self.

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