Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday August 23 Day 8
So little time is left to prepare. Today was filled with as much as could get done. After an allowance of sleeping in from FOD Josh, and an 8 AM breakfast, we were slightly better rested and back to work. For the past week, Horn Field Campus has been our home and now it was time to move into the trailer and tents. The morning saw packing, both group and personal, with Bill’s Bags prepared for Ontario and duffels for front country travel. While some stayed behind to clean, a group ran to Horrabin to recycle and drop extra gear off. Unfortunately, the group as a whole worked at a slow pace, finally resulting in a verbal kick in the pants from Jeff. After a trip to Wal-Mart for foodstuffs for the next week, lunch was swerved, composed of all leftovers from the week.
The afternoon proceeded in much better fashion than the morning had, with all goals for the day: cleaning, packing and organizing the trailer done by 3 o’clock. After setting up our tents for the first time (not such an easy endeavor, it turns out, especially for Christine, whose tent is apparently designed to look entirely nonfunctional and otherworldly), free time was allotted in order to accommodate personal errands, organizing, laundry, and anything else necessary (naps!). At 6 we met with ECOEE alumni for dinner at Asian Buffet for one final meal out before we leave. The night was full of laughter, good stories and spicy octopus, which reminds me to thank Ron for graciously offering pickled Cajun quail eggs at lunch, they were delicious. Back at Horn, we sat down with the alumni for a question and answer session, to answer any queries we had, along with allay (or stoke) our fears of the coming journey. Tomorrow, with no heavy hearts we leave this town, bent on the adventure of a lifetime. Our futures in our own hands, we look ahead, eyes wide, ears open, brains unpackaged, taking that plunge both feet first into a brand new experience, wrought with challenge, emotion and growth. Press onward my friends, with you I gladly jump. Remember always peace, love and happiness.

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