Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 35, September 20, 2009 Missinaibi outfitter

Day 35 Sunday, Sept. 20, 2009
Today we woke up for the first time inside a building. Some enjoyed beds, others a couch and some even volunteered for the floor. Because of the 8:30 am train ride and having to ride to Hearst, we all got up pretty early but to our surprise the morning was rather warm. We effectively loaded, unloaded and loaded the canoes and all the bill’s bags on the train. Riding the train was especially exiting for some because it was their first time on a train. As we rode the train we passed some sites that looked very familiar. These will be places that are going to be missed by everyone. Eventually we got to Hawk Junction Station were our trip originally started and crossing the first bridge that we went under on that very wet late August day. As we got into our bags that contained our front counter clothes it felt for me like it was Christmas morning and I’m an 8 year old boy opening the present that contains the exact thing that i wanted. We continued our journey back to Macomb and with food on our minds as we entered a local grocery store parking lot. Tomorrows chef crew with ROn and Shane ran into the “value mart”. As the rest of us waited the last few Canadian dollars burned a hole in our pockets. Eventually almost the entire crew trickled in the find some comfort food. We compared our purchases afterward by trying what each one got. I got to eat a kiwi whole and try some break with garlic spread. It was the first time I had tried eating a kiwi like an apple but I’m a fan now and will be certain to try it again when we are back in the states. I purchased apple cinnamon cheerios and orange juice. I know this was the first time in what seems to be a very long tie since we have had cereal. Even though we are enjoying the grocery store visit we soon realize that its time to get back on the road. It seems like we have a lot of miles to go and a short time to get there. Compared to out paddling rate of 2.5 miles per hour, it feels like we are almost flying and it even requires no portaging or rapids. Soon after Wawa we come to our almost last destination of the day. It happens to be a sit down restaurant, and after looking at the menu my eyes are like saucers. There are so many options that sounded good that it took us quite a while to decide on what to order. I finally decided on the biggest cheeseburger I could find with all the toppings. Others choose wise choices like the poutine which is french fries, gravy, cheese and bacon.
While we waited for the food i made my first phone call in almost a month to my house. It was great to hear my mom’s voice and to talk briefly about what I/we had just done. The half hour call went by to fast but was very refreshing. As the group was finishing up our first meal that didn’t require us to wash our own dishes some mentioned that someone was able to let us in to the ice cream shack next door. Tis day couldn’t have gone any better, no day can get any better when it ends with ice cream. Time for bed. -Nathan Barr

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