Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 4, August 19 2009 A hard blow! Miss you Nate!

August 19th 2009

Day 4

Today began sluggish, most likely from a combination of running-around yesterday and the long, hard days put in so far. It soon picked up speed with a run down of Dutch oven cooking. I really feel that Dutch ovens draw a group closer and, not just for the great volume of food that is makes.

After fueling up, we began our day with a game called, “Where The Wind Blows”, that seems like a combination between Musical Chairs and Have You Ever? The comfort level the group feels for one another quickly progressed this game from questioning themselves, “What have I done that others have” to a challenge of “Is there any thing that Jeff Tindall has not done?”

The work day began with convoys to campus and another to the east side of town for itinerary work and to pick up necessities, respectively. The day went along with individuals making the final steps for finishing Outdoor Education and Interpretation presentations; we also had four individuals give presentations for the rest of the group. The group suffered its first true hardship when we were informed that Nate Lovich suffered a herniated disc while working this summer and will not be able to join us for the expedition. It is with heavy hearts that we move on without a comrade. Nate, you and your family will remain in our thoughts, prayers and our motivations for the greatest success of ECOEE 2009.

The group has been anxious to get on the road since returning to Macomb and, it grows daily. I see a new fire light in the eyes of the group after Jeff explained the degree of commitment an ECOEE member must have for refining skills and behavior in order to become WEA certified; which is the reason a great portion of us have taken on this challenge.

The group is well fed and the morale is high and I see no barriers below the moon and sky.

Ron Wildermuth

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