Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 11, August 26 2009 Hartwick Pines

Wednesday Aug 26
This morning was unlike any other morning so far. Waking up in the tent hearing the rainfall was relaxing. All huddled under the tarp we ate a delicious breakfast of apple cinnamon pancakes and fresh fruit. After packing we hit the road to Hartwick Pines, arriving we ate a quick lunch of cold cuts and chips. Now fueled we headed out to see the Monarch which is the most famous tree at Hartwick Pines. A surprising 325 years and had quite the reputation for being hugged. We had a meeting with John the supervisor at Hartwick Pines, and he answered many questions dealing with staffing, education, and special events. Many other topics were covered as well as including budget, and the park being park of the union. After we had a chance to look through the bookstore and purchase books and many other things. The exhibits outside with furs available to touch were interesting and hands on. The scats and tracks exhibit was also very informative. We also for a chance to go through many of the logging museums and see a variety of memorabilia. It’s realistic nature told us a story as we were all looking, some getting creative and playing the part. After driving to Carp Lake was a highlight for me, crossing the bridge between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron was a great view. We set up camp while dinner was being prepared. The beef and rice casserole, potatoes, and apple crisp hit the spot. After we debriefed sharing some positive energy with one another, we had a run through of the rest of the week as well. Getting closer to being on the water and Canada is approaching. Excitement is setting in all of us. As the group says there are no weenies in this group.

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