Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 12, August 27, 2009 Canada!

Day 12, August 27, 2009

This was the coldest morning yet, but I understand it could only get colder. This is exciting though because it is a clear sign we are geographically getting closer to our goal. After a quick breakfast everyone works together to get everything picked up so we can get on the road as soon as possible. We cross a short bridge and enter Canada, which Jeff gave us, probably his briefest story ever on how they came up with the name C-eh N-eh D-eh.

After a brief but explosive run in with the horseless Mounties, just kidding, we take 17 along Lake Superior and see some of the most underdeveloped land I’ve ever seen. I still haven’t seen a moose, I guess there is still time. We quickly set up camp because the group weatherman has forecast rain. It does sprinkle but not as much as anticipated. We set up tents with our backcountry groups and get our group food in order. During the afternoon we had some free time. This was used by some of us to repack and get out personal stuff in order, others that were farther ahead choose very bravely to swim in the warm Lake Superior. I had stepped in it earlier for a few minutes and couldn’t feel my feet after a while so I guess it was a very difficult swim.

Supper was simple but good, with beer brats and the revival of Sean’s special stew. Then we had a very special meeting with Grant and Jeff where we got our maps and we were shown how to properly fold them so we can see which one is which without opening them. Following the map session was our last debrief before the backcountry. This meeting at first seemed to be a rough one at first but I felt it was very productive and has shown me that though we are still in the forming stage we are making worthy efforts to try and keep communication lines open, even when they are tough things to hear. As the day draws to an end I feel really excited that in just a few hours we will be in our canoes, paddling in a row down the river that we will call home for the next 3 1/2 weeks. Eight months of planning are over, our trip is now.

Though we had our moments of struggle and not wanting to do all the work and get everything ready, I am more then happy to be on this trip with each and everyone here, Jake, Pete, Grant, Josh, Shane, Cassi, Matt, Sean, Ron, Kim, Christine and our fearless, humble leader Jeff. May God bless us on this trip and keep us safe. Time for bed.

-Nathan Barr

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