Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 39, September 24, 2009 Another day to clean

Today was another early morning for the group so that we could get a head start on the day to finish cleaning the gear and repacking the trailer for the next part of our journey. After breakfast Sean gave everyone a job to start on and before we knew it we were a well oiled machine pumping out our tasks. Time seemed to have no relevance as everyone would just seem to finish one job and get straight into another one without fuss or complaining. It was a little interesting dealing with the weather all day trying to get gear cleaned and dried with the impairing threat of rain. We were forced to adapt to the circumstances by finding different ways to hang things to dry inside the building. There were tarps hanging in the bunk house from corners of the bunk beds while bills bags found their drying place under the front porch of the lodge. Some tent rain flies were thrown over bunk beds to dry out while Grant and I played Tetris with the tents under the tarp trying not to take up too much space from Christine and Kim who were unpacking and reloading the trailer. After lunch we made a run into campus to drop off and pick up gear from Horriban and Currens. We put all of the backcountry gear away and exchanged it for the climbing gear that we will need in Joshua Tree. At Currens we picked up mail and our extra personal belongings from Jeff’s office to sort through and bring with for the rest of the trip. We also took time to look at Jeff’s personal books and check them out for the next leg of the trip as we will be heading to different ecosystems and landscapes. When we got back to horn the cleaning was finished and all that was to finish loading the trailer. I think we now have the most organized trailer in the history of ECOEE and I will be shocked if we loose anything,. With what I think was the earliest debrief ever the group talked about the day and when to meet back up on Saturday night. Everyone said their good byes and we were finally on a much needed break. Safe travels to everyone as we head our separate ways and I can’t wait to see ya’ll when we get back.

September 24, 2009 Day 39
Peter Collins

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