Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 44
September 29, 2009

We had chow circle at a pleasant 8:00am this morning, which Nate our F.O.D for the day, had set up. As we woke up, the sun was shinning, the clouds were parted, and the blue skies were out. What a gorgeous morning to wake up to, here in Wyoming. Our goal for the day was to travel around 285 miles to our next campsite in Lander Wyoming. When we stopped for lunch, while on the way; Nate had us make a choice: either to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or pick from a possibility of: McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, or Subway. Not surprisingly the group chose to eat fast food. When we arrived to Lander after the rest of the beautiful scenic van ride, Jeff pointed out to us, a building that was once a hotel but Paul Petzoldt bought out. He made it into the NOLS headquarters. After that we strolled into our FREE campsite, just pass a baseball field. Upon arrival Kim caught a glance at a little doe, and was frantic to find out what type of deer it was. It turns out that it was a baby Mule Deer. I know one lucky someone who is going to enjoy a chocolate malt. After we set up camp, Nate had the Chefs, Sou Chefs, and Deserters, come up with a list of food we will need to buy for the next five days in Yellowstone. The whole group then went to the store to shop for this list, accept for Matt, Pete, and I, who had a small list because we were only Deserter, Sou Chef, or Chef once out of these five days. Our job was to set up the kitchen before the group got back. We saw that the clouds were coming in pretty thick, off in the distance so we went to go set up the tarp first. The tarp was a failure because the viscous wind kept tearing through it. As we were cleaning up the tarp, a cop rolled by and told us to look out for any suspicious people at night because they had problems in the past with kids coming in at night and jumping on tents. Then we set up the kitchen and everyone else got back form the store, which I heard went pretty smoothly. We ate a nice meal of pasta with garlic bread, salad, and chocolate cake for desert. During de brief Josh (the F.O.D for the next day) told us we were going to Yellowstone tomorrow, and that tonight we were going to have each member of the group stay up on grave yard shifts, to make sure no hoodlums broke our tents. Yellowstone here we come!
Jacob Boyer

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