Wednesday, October 7, 2009

day 26 September 10, 2009 Splashes and Crashes!

September 10th 2009
Day 26

Change. It can come in place, time, thought; change of heart, of direction, change of a dollar. Change in attitude, in latitude and maybe even in strati-tude? Changes happen in me, you, us and, them. Changes derive from the over-coming of fear and ironically it is fear that usually keeps things from changing. Real change is never easy but must be voluntary. Days like today bring about change.
We, ECOEE 2009, have the portage shuffle down fairly pat but the Greenhill Portage was a change of pace. Intimidating by being more than a mile long and having a narrow path, yet we have portaged in much worse conditions. I believe it was the romance of running “The Graveyard” and stepping up to the challenge of a Class III Rapid that made a majority of the group decide to portage the gear and, then run the rapids. After a lesson on “lining boats” and a route to take down the winding white caps; as well as a game plan to eddy out if the way is too rough – we anxiously boarded canoes.
Anxiety climaxed for Nathan and I at the point-of-no-return, looking down at the switch-back looking flow of white water. We swayed and sloshed down: swinging around like apes, drawing hard like beasts and, howling like madmen. We narrowly avoided Jeff, Matt and Shane whom were hung up between a rock and a hard place, literally. We eddied out of hard flowing water, or I should say we successfully ground ourselves on shallow rocks behind Cassi and Sean and, to our dismay looked back to see Jake and Kim had been added to the fiasco in the middle; with five paddlers trying to free themselves safely from the unforgiving flow. I honestly haven’t felt so helpless in a long time because, I could do nothing. Christine and Pete hurried down the bank to assist in the unplanned swift water rescue. After some time and, plenty of grunting, people were freed and heading in the right direction. This change in plans was one cog in today’s wheel and a reminder to be willing to roll with the punches with brains in your head and, not in your back pocket. Another test of judgment for LOD Cassi presented itself in the form of St. Peter Rapids: a torrent and technical Class II run that Cassi wisely decided to portage around. It was truly what I call a lunch pail day.
So, with grand totals of over 6000 meters portaged and twelve miles canoed, I give a smile at this working person’s day under a blanket of stars, about to join the camp in slumber. But, before I do I want to say a few words of wisdom to my brothers and sisters to carry with in life, beyond ECOEE.
As you change your perspective, perception and, prerogative: Be proud of how you have changed, aware of how you want to change, patient with those whom you can not change and, most of all flexible to changes to you don’t see coming.
Ronnie Wildermuth

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