Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 36 Monday, Sept. 21
Well, we wake up back in our tents, but don’t get me wrong. This is certainly not a bad thing. I have become very fond of the tent. It has been our one seclusion from the back country. When it gets to cold, to wet, to windy, to buggy or just needing that feeling of having walls around you the tent is there. Its can create comfort even though it is almost paper thin. In our tents we have had some great times that go over looked when compared to some other things that we have done. For me the tent was the one safe haven from the wind and rain on our crummy first night. The tent was also the first and only piece of gear that I broke accidently. Those tent poles were really bent before I got it. We can’t blame the last straw for breaking the camels back, right? Also the tent is where Pete and Sean had the infamous wrestling match that led to Jake yelling at Kim. I couldn’t have put together a more unique group then that. Its also where Kim get her revenge on everyone for giving her a hard time by elbowing or hitting them while they slept. The tent was a great place to work on journals and try to catch up and do as many of them as possible before sleep set in. It was also a great place for having those conversations before bed to just talk and wind down from either a long day of paddling or an even longer day of listening to Jeff’s lessons, ha.
Honestly, having Jeff out her and listening to those lessons have been one of the most enjoyable times out here. Even though most of his answers are “What do you think?”, he has helped us all out so much. It is pretty safe to say that we would not have been able to do what we did without him. Either we would have wrecked so many times that we would have been stranded, or our whole camp site would be drenched because our tarps weren’t set up the right way or one of numerous ways that would have kept us from reaching our goal and by goal I don’t mean Mattice. To keep him on his toes at all times was Christine. She was there to ask the questions that maybe we were afraid to ask or ones that we didn’t even think of. For this I am grateful she is here. I am also grateful for Ron and his willingness to do whatever it takes, whenever need be. I am also grateful for Matt and the great conversations that we have had and will have, that are sure to be enriching. I am also Pete and his work ethic and drive. He has made me want to push myself more then he knows. I am also grateful for Cassi and always having a great attitude and smile even during the times its not easy to do it. I am also grateful for Grant and letting me vent and give me that mush needed advice. I am grateful for Josh and his ability to go with the flow but step up to lend a helping hand. I am also grateful for Kim and her drive to do well and also to be able to laugh at herself. I am also grateful for Jake and his desire to learn about wilderness education and anything that is presented in front of him. I am also grateful for Sean and his ability to change easily and go against the grain if need be to do what he feels is right. I am also grateful for Shane. He has become one of my best friends and is a great mirror to point out when i need to check myself. i am grateful for ECOEE that is slowly but surely shaping me into an outdoor leader but even more importantly a better person. It is also making me a better writer because I feel like thats all I’ll be doing from now on. Time for bed. - Nathan Barr

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