Tuesday, October 6, 2009

September 2nd 2009
Day 18

I find it difficult enough to honestly and critically analyze a day in which I am put in charge of, let alone writing a group journal entry about the day. So, I must start out by thanking whatever force of nature that allowed for my inconsistent watch-alarm to go off, in order to have a cup of coffee and watch day break in peace.
I told the team that it was going to be a work day on the water and every one had their lunch pails and were even early to start a day, for a change. We made excellent time getting “down and dirty” – a few of us took this a little too serious at the boggy portage. The day flowed like a calm river and we worked like a well-oiled-machine… and maybe a little too mechanical because, this leader momentarily forgot about the wild heart of his group. So, inspired by a flock of geese (and yes, Jeff, by their flight pattern and call I am sure they are geese and, not loons) I just hopped out of my sleeping bag, across the wet grass that is my bedroom at 11:53 PM to fully enjoy their natural beauty; I want to say to all whom ask ME how to live life…

May your morals be your map
To route your best direction

Your spirit be your compass
To guide you through distraction

And let spontaneity be your guiding star
To find peace, love and happiness, without instruction

Ron Wildermuth

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