Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 23 September 7, 2009 Bomb Proof Camp!

September 7, 2009
We woke up twice last night first for the storm, second to head out in the morning. Getting our campsite bombproof was a task. All working hard to get it done in a timely manor was interesting. Now off to sleep till about 7:30. Off to the ricer and rapids we went. Scouting the rapids was a bit nerve-racking for some. After getting a good look we started in for the day some of us going down sideways, left, right, hey even some upside-down. Working with our partners are having good communication got us down the river safely. Going through six rapids we got out experience in for the day. Having two class 2 rapids for us in the mindset of really knowing what we need to avoid while running the rapids. Luck was on my side today for sure. The paddle was gorgeous today winding through the trees seeing many geese flying over head was surreal. After getting to camp we set everything up with more open area then we have been used to for the last couple nights. We had a lesson also on Hyperthermia from Sean and he taught us the signs and symptoms. Also, the many different levels from mild to severe. While we were all gathered we heard an unusual noise coming from the path. We met some characters of the region at this camp. Welcoming and giving as our other friends from Michigan. After breaking for dinner we met for debrief. Sean did a great job today as ALOD and getting things accomplished. Pete gave us a lesson on bear protection. This knowledge will be used tonight with the rumor of a bear and cubs just a half a mile away. I guess we will find out by morning. With a stomach full of Northern Pike thanks to our new friends and Ron for the Fish Fry.
-It’s not only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves
-Andre Gide

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