Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 32 September 17,2009 First Day of Evals

Thursday September 17, 2009
Rising today we woke up for a day of the unexpected. A day full of evaluations was in store. Jeff had us go off solo and take time to put our own order off how we see their leadership. Decision making, basic camping skills, expedition behavior, and technical skills of the group we thought about and ranked. Some of us had the chance to get our evaluation from Jeff as well as to where we stand individually. Today was out of the ordinary for me. Critiquing everybody so detailed and to the point was hard. To keep us trucking many pots of tea and coffee were made, also to keep us warm for one of the coldest days we have encountered so far on this journey. Having the rain moved from the rocks to the tent. Huddled under trying to stay warm and focused we trucked on. We had a delicious dinner of cheesy potatoes, chicken, and rice. After that digested it was off to the funfetti cake batter. That was a delicious was to keep us going. After a late night we are going to all know where we stand as an individual and a group through this process. It will help with our journey through the front country as this portion is coming to an end very soon.
Tea Bag Quotes
-All love that has not friendship for base is like a mansion built upon the sand
-Ella Wheeler Wilcox
-No man is on island entire of itself
-John Donne


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