Sunday, October 4, 2009

Journal Entry Day 3 August 18th 2009
Written by Sean Stowell

Today started off in a hurry with groups heading out to Mt. Sterling, Quincy, and the Unitarian Church in Macomb. We received, what was later announced, the largest gift ECOEE has ever been given. We thank you Ron and the Vice President of the pipeline where you worked all summer. We also welcomed the arrival of our new friend Kim. Her skills from previous camps should benefit us all, especially in the backcountry kitchen.

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions”- Ken Blanchard

Everyday we learn more than the previous. From shortcuts in the kitchen to overall life lessons, we look forward to the great wealth of information that is never ending. An example/idea of this information is: when people disappoint be patient for there may be more going on under the surface than known.

“Hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper” - Sir Francis Bacon

We had three interpretative/outdoor education presentations today that helped us understand some of the finer principles of our subject material. In order to achieve the best success with interpretations the visitors’ interest needs to be raised as high as possible for an activity while avoiding controversy. After a great venison soup with corn bread and brownies Christine went over the majority of our recently handed out Wilderness Education Association journals. Our debrief of our wonderful F.O.D. Cassi has left us with several ways to make our individual Facilitator of the Day experience more effective. At this stage in our Outdoor Leadership learning we must think through our decisions and choose what is best for the group.

-If it takes an hour & you give eight, it will take eight.
-Live Crazy, Not Stupid

After the writing
Before the fighting
the early sun will rise
just after we open our eyes
When we awake
Our presents are ours to make
These are my thoughts
And thoughts become things
And only god knows
What the future will bring
At the end of day three
I challenge thee
To make the most
For you and me

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