Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 48 October 3, 2009 Mammoth Springs

Josh Boyer
Journal entry day 48, 10/03/09

It was an early morning as well as a cold one. It seems it’s been getting down to zero every night at this time here in Yellowstone. We ate an amazing breakfast of biscuits and gravy and we literally stuffed our faces with it. The morning was foggy as we headed with our two vans to see sites that, for the most of us, haven’t seen before. The day was full of first time experiences for many. There was a lot of wild life that we all got to view. There were many bison around, and at one time got reaching distance away from a few of us. We saw different birds that we normally would never see at home. We also saw a couple creatures that I know I was exited about and that are fairly rare to see and they were bears, one black bear and one grizzly bear. They are very strong animals physically and compared to the food chain, and it is cool to see them in person. We also saw some mud volcanoes which are interesting. It’s crazy to think about that there is a huge middle crust of molting hot lava and gases. The steam from the center of the earth is rising and has to go somewhere, and it escapes through these geysers and mud volcanoes. Also it was great to see the two major falls that are here in Yellowstone. The view of them was pretty astounding. During the end of the day we went to Mammoth. It was pretty much a town, but there was a visitor’s center and National Park Rangers that patrolled the area. Mammoth use to be home to troops of the U.S. Army back when Yellowstone was first established. They were there because the Army was the first ones to manage this park and because back then there was still Native Americans who roamed about. We saw a lot today and there was a feeling of accomplishment as we all settled down and were ready for bed. There’s only a couple more days here and I wonder what more new things is there to see and do while were are here.

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