Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Journal Entry 52 October 7th, 2009
Written by Sean Stowell

Waking up to another breakfast from the hotel was very convenient as we were suppose to be ready to leave by 9:30am. Turns out the vehicle situation of needing a new battery and two oil changes would take longer than anticipated. Most people used this extra time to put the final touches on their lessons. It provided me the opportunity to draw some pictures for my interpretation lesson. Once everyone got back to the hotel we quickly got ready and headed out to the Grand Teton Visitor Center. This visitor center is the nicest we have seen yet. They have a movie theater, LCD screens built into the floor, and several very well put together exhibits. After looking around for sometime we started doing lessons. Cassi started us off with a geology and fur trader lesson that told the story of John Couture. Lewis and Clark’s expedition was then explained by Pete. I gave my interpretation lesson on environmental issues regarding snowmobiles in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Nate split us into groups to learn about 10 different kinds of clouds. Next up was Shane with a fun Outdoor Education lesson on habitat and homes. We constructed home advertisements for marmots, ospreys, and pronghorns. As Shane asked if anyone had any questions we caught a glimpse of the first moose of ECOEE. We stopped to watch him only to realize that he was coming right toward us. Once he was close Jeff told us he was making that noise because he was rutting. After the moose had left Pete did a lesson on the trees in the area. We returned to the hotel and Ron and Jeff went to get food before Matt’s lesson and debrief. Kim had everyone write down reasons why they really appreciate one another on individual paper. This will be a great thing to look at if we are having a bad day. As I put the finishing touches on this, one thing comes to mind….

All You Need Is Love

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