Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 34
23 days have gone by like the relentless current down a river. Sure, it was a little rocky at times but the current pushes past those rocks just as we have done. We have found out that the grueling back country tested our minds more than our bodies. It was through our struggles, weaknesses, and moments of desperation that we realized one thing about ourselves and each other…we all belong here. ECOEE is a part of us and we are a part of it. Without ECOEE we are mere faces in a classroom, strangers passing each other in a hallway, or lost souls never knowing what they were missing. After paddling through our last rapid, paying respect to an Ojibwa burial site, and pulling out of the Missinaibi River for the last time… feelings of triumph, sadness, and relief were felt by most of us. Relief that we made it through the backcountry safe and unwavering, sad that the journey has come to an end, and triumph that we have gained so much throughout this enduring experience. The more liberal indulgences of the front country such as wet milk, cell phones, and I-pods set a whole ne tone for the group. Although the front country does have its perks it was the mighty heart of the backcountry that had broken us, built us up, and soldered a permanent connection between all of us. As we sat in a cabin debriefing the entire trip I realized then that we are more than just friends, we are a band of brothers all united by fate somehow. As our quest continues, so will the memories of our river trip, steadily flowing like a strong current, our courage, commitment and character closes one chapter and opens another one.
Love, Kimbo-slice

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