Wednesday, October 7, 2009

day 28 September 12, 2009 State of Mind!

Journal Entry Day 28 September 12th 2009
Written by Sean Stowell

“All (mental) states have mind as their forerunner, mind is their chief and they are man made. If one speaks or acts, with a pure mind, happiness follows one as one’s shadow that does no leave one” Selection from The Words of Truth

Change has been previously mentioned & for me the change of waking up in a more secluded area was a great start for the 28th Greatest Day of my Life in a row. After showing up late due to some knockout breakfast calzones we started today with the only guaranteed rapids of the day. Our campsite for today remained a mystery with little choices on the map and Missinaibi book. Making a good pace of around 3 mph, this trip seemed to be going quicker than the last couple. As the rain came and past, so did Brunswick Portage and another opportunity to see a historical site. The river should be an easier paddle than the open lake and the way campsites have been located we should be able to find some along the way… Soon we found a campsite that I now call home for tonight. Luckily we had to run a small rapid to get closer to the camp. It’s hard to complain about much out here especially with starting and ending the day with rapids. After covering the four triangles of risk management we jumped into a decision making personality assessment. This tool split the group into four categories that decisions are made based upon; From Ideas, Process, People, and Product. Contrary to Jeff’s prediction, only two people were primarily people decision makers. This seems to be good for the group as is makes several different perspectives available. And not to disappoint, some rhymes for y’all

As we enter our final week (in Ontario backcountry)
We fail to realize just how much we reek
So tonight for rain showers I pray
To wash our stink and scum away
But not enough to block out the sun
For in reality ECOEE has just begun

Our stove is broke our hearts are not
Who would have thought Ontario would be so hot
So prepare yourself for 92 more days
& only a few more Canadian Ay’s
Through growth and experience we shall learn
As adventure hides behind every turn

And again to end with a challenge…
Strive to deepen your relationships with all…on the trip
And make feedback constructive…
And not just a rip

I must be tired…. Love you guys/girls

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