Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 16 August 31, 2009 Just another day!

Journal Entry Day 16 August 31st 2009
Written by Sean Stowell

Waking up on the rocky shore
Our group felt energized from the bivy challenge the night before
Singing and singing and dancing about
We shuffled canoe positions and headed out
The waves were choppy, our skills unsure
Precise communication was needed for a cure
After some circling and changing of spots
We thought we found our portage, or maybe not
Turning around and heading north
We found a waterfall or rapids or something of the sort
Scouting the trails for a portage route or a way
Jeff gave one lesson on how to portage today
The trails were steep and portage was long
But our group was tight and our minds were strong
Slick rocks and downed trees and un-maintained trails
We proved our group was tougher than nails
Once we were finished we had to more a log
So we jumped in the water to unclog the clog
One more Kilometer to call it a day
But oh wait, another portage in our way
On this portage we found tonights home
Because for ECOEE our home is wherever we roam.
Old man time was stern tonight
But he was trying to get us to do things right

After Debrief to sleep we went
To get more rest for tomorrow
Good night Ladies and Gents

This is the Best Day of my life

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