Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 43, September 28, 2009

Waking up in Nebraska was a great feeling. I knew for certain that we were finally back on the road. I knew we were heading to the buttes and plateaus of Wyoming; and I also knew all of us big kids were going to spend an hour in the candy store known as Sierra Trading Post. After a few hours of driving we stopped for lunch at a historical train depot/ WWII plane crash site. There were fourteen American men who died about two miles from the site as their engine failed and the crashed into the ground during training. It was kind of discouraging though, because the site was not maintained well and did not have a feeling of appreciation.
For lunch we had peanut butter sandwiches with a variety of options. Personally, I chose Peanut butter, dried pineapple, Craisins, strawberry jam, and a hint of maple syrup - this is highly recommended. From there we drove on and stopped out the border for a photo op. with the Wyoming border sign. Shortly after that we had our chance to shop around at sierra trading post. I think just about everyone walked away with something. I bought shoes, and a lightweight fleece - both at 60% off. Finally we arrived at our beautiful camp site at Vedauwoo surrounded by giant rock formations. Grant gave us an hour to roam around. Sean and I took this opportunity to go scramble up the rocks. We made it to a point where we had a great view of the Rockies to the West and air pollution to the East. After a fine spaghetti dinner and debrief; it was another early night for this Ecoeeian. Good night.

Mathew McCabe

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