Thursday, September 30, 2010


Missinaibi River

Adding to my work load…well I guess there’s no complaints. We just got our new tent groups and I am already enjoying the entire evening with the gingers and Chris. We’ve a few spills and a plethora of laughs.
The trip hasn’t been anywhere near what I expected but then again I knew that I would have no idea what it was like until I actually started it. It’s only day 6 on the river and the way things are moving it feels like we have been here for weeks. I don’t if it is our unfortunate encounters with low water and dangerous weather, or if it’s all the thoughts I have of those back home, making it seem so slow. But then again do I, or we, really want this to go fast? I feel like I have learned so much already and there is still such a long path to walk or canoe.
All I can say is thank God for the amazing people on this trip with me, because no matter how slow it seems, frustrated I feel or disgruntled someone else is, not a day goes by without smiles and laughter. With the wind at your back and sun on your face, truck on.

Pate Croke

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