Thursday, September 30, 2010



The day started off with one saying running in my head… “The energy is really high”. Not only are we making our way to the river (finally) but also running rapids. As I may hae said before, white water is the butter to my bread. There will not be one day where a smile is not planted on my face that we see rapids. Water in my eyes is the MOST powerful element and as long as that is running through my mind as it is over rocks safety will be kept.
Long days are ahead with many obstacles, but if we celebrate “Saturday, Saturday Saturday Saturday” like we did tonight… pizza and cake… our spirits will be graced with food comas  hearty, delicious food comas.
Peterbell is our destination tomorrow and hopefully we all stock up on some DELICIOUS WILD CRANBERRYS. Lets stay as dry as possible, avoid the slugs that may be in our shoes, and stay relatively quiet for some hopefully wildlife sightings on the first FULL day of river.


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