Thursday, September 30, 2010


Beaver site # 2

Winnie the Pooh strikes again this morning, taking another snack bag full of goodies (at Katy’s dismay). Waking up us girls quickly realize that what was thought to be a prank (set up by the boys) was in all actuality a living breathing sneaky little black bear! Unless, of course, they had time to tear through Evans Starburst, fruit punch, black beans, and a few other U.F.O.’s (unidentified flavorful objects) to create a crime scene  topped off with a giant pile of steaming… well you get the idea. Somehow our smart four legged friend managed to avoid waking us up even with all of our pots, pans, and other noisy items piled on top of our “:secured” bear bag. At least we finally put to practice the art of hanging the bear bags. Food is such a commodity at this point (with only a few more meals left) that we can not spare a helping hand to our hibernating thief.
Although today was spent largely in our tents, (lightning kept us on lock down) much was accomplished in the Hen house. Whether the topic was beautification (eyebrows, nails, and hair) bears, boys, school work (a bottomless pit), chocolate, gear (the rankings and our preferences) or planning out the rest of our meals (all in individual bags, in order to get the best of our rations) we had quite the productive day.
Realizing that in just tow weeks I will be getting dropped off at the Riverton Airport (cough*at 3 am*cough) and yall will drive to Yellowstone afterwards… is it just me or is this going by WAY TOO FAST?... one more campsite, 16 more miles, then good bye Canada =( LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLE!!

11:04 pm. I nudged Kate after hearing our pots clank from the dangling food bags near our tent. I am the only one awake and I thought I may have been hearing things (well hoped). She mumbled and went back to sleep… 5 minutes later I heard sticks cracking and rummaging even closer to our tent… it was Winnie back again. I wake up Kate and Ashley, quickly followed Katy and we paraded out of our tent. “bear bear bear bear bear bear… bear bear bearan” Kate was armed with 2 empty white gas bottles, Ashley with the poop scoop equip with bear bell, Katy with her useful appendages (clapping) and I with the bear spray. It is obvious our food was found… we are back in the tent now


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