Thursday, September 30, 2010


Devils Shoepeek

I woke up this morning, stepped out of the tent, and immediately had to defend myself from ninjas and Mr. Smiths from “The Matrix”. Numchucks, samari swords, and nature’s fury together defeated our foes as we did our morning stretches. After some final instructions I left the group and started my day with Kim, only to see legs fly up in the distance as Denver did a 10-point tumble into the water. Watching through the zoom on my camera from across the river, I watched how everyone went into helping mode and couldn’t be anything other than impressed. Even though we are in the storming phase, there is never a time when one is short a helping hand. After two portages, some rapids, and a psych-out campsite, we arrived at our home for the night. It makes me happy to see the tents and tarps so well set up, the canoes cleaned and flipped over, and the steam coming from campsites as the groups make their dinners. Tomorrow is going to be a long day, but the way I see it, we are going to be alright. We are all there for one another, and that makes me feel ready to take on any kind of ninja.

Ashley VanSpeybroeck

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