Monday, August 30, 2010


The squirrels are chattering as I log this journal entry. We paddled the river for
about 6 miles today only to be halted by the wind. I will say it was quite a rush being toward the front of the convoy with waves crashing up to the gunnels of our boat. I am anticipating our paddling and first “official” portage tomorrow, but I’m more focused on the amazing sunset. That and the fact that Canadian mosquitos are quite possibly 10 times more annoying than those back stateside. Have you ever heard of “Bills Super Dinner”? I’m sure it’s a really fine dish. Tonight I had “Chris and Denver’s Super Dish” instead. Let me just say that it isn’t ready to be published in the cook books yet… ya’ll just ain’t ready for it. My tent group has begun discussing things we miss back in the “real world”. [Now that I think of it this would be a pretty sweet TV show… just saying.] The list is mostly compiled of people, foods, and Will Ferrell movies. I am certain this list will continue to grow but I’m sure that December will be here faster than we think. Remember when I mentioned Hogwarts and the Ents? Yep, it all happened.

Live long,
DMWM (Denver Murphy)

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