Thursday, September 30, 2010


Wavy Rapids

Just after packing our boats, one of our 4-wheeling Canadian friends dropped by to send us off, his big smile he wears could speak a million words. He, also a forest dwelling camp rat like us, is happy to see that this lifestyle has not been forgotten. He is happy to know that we did not camp in vain on this historical plot of land, since he knew our intentions were good he and his friends not only shared a laugh with us, but spaghetti and pickerel (sorry Jeff). As we paddle we hear a train in the distance, which is first a disturbance of the serenity we have enjoyed these past 17 days, but turns out to be somewhat calming to know that society exists outside of ECOEE. Then just around another river bend we see two bald eagles fly to perch atop a tall birch. We are starting to progressively see more wildlife as we learn to talk less. I don’t even remember how many rapids we hit today, but I do know the helmet cam got some use. A few waves splashed our bodies and faces which made ripples engrained in our memory forever. If I forget this day I’ve forgotten how to live. Then what a way to finish off the day, then with a grand finale rapid photo shoot, followed by a beach group photo. After a hard day getting drenched by rapids, it was nice to relax by a fire thanks to Pat and some hard working wood gatherers. Then thanks to Kim we went to sleep with bellies full of high bush cranberries.

Harmony with nature is like harmony with a friend, you can’t cherish his right hand and chop off his left. - Leopold

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