Thursday, September 30, 2010


Dog Lake- Fifty-Sevenbay

To watch, to listen, to hear, to feel, to do, to wait, to wander, to sit, to pack, to sleep, to find…

Description finds no bounds to the environment we stay. Day by day the weather changes from rain to sun from sun to rain and rain to cold. Learning in a place with no roof or chairs or chalkboard no overhead no artificial lights. Who can say the gray brick walls that contain 30 or so students ready to drone through class.
Unlike that class the one I am in has a new bed every night and a new strangely cooked meal every morning.
Today there was a renewal of energy in the group all set to canoe with the clouds lumming overhead we put are paddles in the water. Passing the small town of Missinabia comes back memory of a restraint style pizza.
Finding out though from our instructor there is not even a gas station in Missiabia.
As the group


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