Thursday, September 30, 2010


October is coming upon us and the weather is changing faster than the leaves. However, we were surprised to see the sun out this morning, perfect cleaning weather. All of the gear we used in the North woods now has to be cleaned and put away. Its crazy to think the next user of this gear wont know the stories behind them. What our bags must have seen, heard smelled and felt must be atrocious and beautiful. They have seen boats tip over and felt cold water as well as bear teeth! They have smelled god awful aromas which I hope to never smell again. As the sand from Pancake Bay is washed out, so are memories. As the dirt from Greenhill portage and water from the Missinaibi is scubbed clean from the gear I see glimpses of the past. These memories will fade but not be forgotten. The sun dries our bags, absorbing the evidence that we were ever in Canada. Yet we know, we feel and we see that we have changed since we departed on this expedition. As we take down the last river bag down from the line, one chapter of our journey ends, but another one begins.
“Destruction breeds creation.”

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