Thursday, September 30, 2010


Missinaibi River (Glassy Falls/Sandy Bay Portage)
Day 2 of Evals

Sitting in the Storm King all day doing evals, how much FUN! Though it is kind of fun when we get so distracted and tired that the goofing off makes you laugh till your stomach hurts. Evaluating your peers is not very stimulating. As we mark off scores for our group mates I start to realize that I myself need to work on a lot of the things we are marking people down for. This is not only a learning experience for properly critiquing your group and evaluating those you work with but also an experience that helps you to learn about yourself and, at least for me, help me to come to self realizations of my own. The biggest one is that we all have a lot of to learn, and the fact that we have learned so much already makes me wonder, will our brains be able to manage and store all this knowledge!? Or just make us go insane?
Well I guess we will find out.

Pat Croke

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