Thursday, September 30, 2010


“Glassy Falls”

Only two days left on the river. Time flies when you are having fun and on the run. I’ll admit that I never thought I would be camping on a beach in Canada. I’m glad to be spending my last days on the river with sand between my toes and a great view of Glassy Falls. Needless to say it’s not all fun and games. It seems like as soon as I feel good about accomplishing something, I have more work to do. School work aside, it is a job in itself just living out here in the backcountry. Between paddling, portaging, hiking out heavy packs around, setting up camp, cooking, bear bags, tarps, stoves, water, cold nights and frosty mornings each day presents a new and invigorating challenge. These are surely things our bodies and minds were not used to at the beginning of the semester. From our “so long” dinner back at Horn Field Campus, there is one final goodbye quote that has stuck with me though the entire trip, and that is; “Improvise, adapt, sit down and shut up.” I know I’ve personally done all three of these things at one point or another. We may all have a lot to learn but I think we have handled this lifestyle change rather well.


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