Thursday, September 30, 2010


Beaver Site.

“Are you ready for some football – A Monday night party!”
A nearly full moon tonight – lighting the path back to my camp site after a long day and debrief. It is not long after I hear Salvador shouting, “Murph! Hey, Murphy! What’s with this Parkay? Get over here!” As I turn the corner with my head lamp I immediately see a mangled blue bottle with the kindof buttery substance pooled up on the rock it sits on. Going back to investigate the area a trail of buttery droplets lead me to my tent where the creature (supposedly a smaller, more curious BEAR) seemingly tried to draw a smile face on the vestibule door. A pan that I had soaked with water for ease of scrubbing was licked dry and Evan’s blue food bag has apparently vanished. What a way to end our second longest paddling day since setting sail on this river. I feel if Reader’s Digest put this day in to an article, it would read as follows: “WINNIE THE POOH (bear) VISITS WIU’S ECOEE EXPEDITION IN HOPES OF BARTERING FOR HONEY BUT INSTEAD BUSTS PARKAY BOTTLE UPON REALIZING THAT NOT ONLY DOES PAT, DENER, AND EVAN HAVE A PITIFUL SELECTION OF FOOD BUT THEY ALSO LOOK NOTHING LIKE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN.” But I digress. The day was long, sunny, and only slightly wet. It’s hard to believe we have only a few days left in Canada. And boy, I miss Monday Night Football!


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