Thursday, September 30, 2010



ECOEE’S got soul uh….double up….uh uh. OHHHHHH YAAA YA Ya Ya
My back achin my boots to tight. My bags are shaking from the left to right. To the left, to the right, to the left, to the right. Greenhill portage of the grave yard we choose the route that keeps us safest. But have no fear, cause Ryan’s here. He’s the fearless leader that keeps us in the clear. Weaving, winding all around. We make several trips and get ride of our booty rounds. But ill tell ya on thing, even when im ready to spring. It’s the individuals that surround me that make this experience one of a kind. Im not going to remember everything I learn on this trip. Yet the memories I bring with me will last a life time. Using the land around us is what makes me the happiest. Learning how to make cranberry desserts has been my favorite. There was Cranberry buttermilk pudding, Cranberry brownies, Cranberry cheesecake. Let’s not forget the most unique of them all. Cranberry tea infused with Jessica’s secret blend of herb’s and spices, topped off with a dash of Keenan surprise. With so many smiles, laughs, and jokes I don’t know who wouldn’t love this. Im on the adventure of a life time letting the good times roll. All I can say is with ten more days left I don’t want it to stop. I saw we keep on keeping on.

Much love <3 Katy

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