Thursday, September 30, 2010


Missinaibi River (Fairy Point)

I woke up this morning and have never been so relieved at the sound of silence. No wind and no rain! Evan came by the tent and said “we are leaving as planned.” Yes, we are back on the water and the best part is, I get the yak (kayak).
On our way to Fairy Point we stop and gaze at the ancient pictographs. Being the person I am its hard for me to believe they are real. I have a great imagination and sometimes that’s the problem. It’s easy to imagine someone painting those pictures and calling them historic. I think I just have a hard time grasping things like ancient pictographs from thousands of years ago. But the longer I stare the more real they become and I can’t stop thinking of those who may have drawn them. How different their lives were, what types of beliefs they had, what they held most dear to them; all I know is that it is much different from what beliefs and ideals are dominant today. How the world has changed. This was their home, their town, their neighborhood, WOOF!
It is a lot to think about, but I don’t let the thoughts linger for too long cause I’m in a kayak and lets be honest, kayaks are awesome. I had a blast going from boat to boat talking to the group, playing games and cracking jokes, what a great day on Missinaibi Lake. Thanks to Chris and his bag of goodies it was a great lunch too. Tuna salad, mmhhmm. With a side of fiber bar that Ryan from one of the RV camping folk at our rest stop. The sun is out the scenery at our camp site is amazing and the water, well I think Jess put it best when she said “I could cut glass right now.” Over all one of my best days yet, and to top it off chicken pot pie for dinner, Canada’s finest cookin done on a tiny stove under a big tree on a wet ground, can you say “Left Overs?”

Pate Croke

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