Thursday, September 30, 2010


Rabbit Island

Raindrops are falling down with almost too much of a calming sound. It is hard for me to focus after such a long, wet and strenuous day (especially while being cozy in my sleeping bag). Today was the first of many which we will be faced with turbulence, shaking right or left in the constantly changing weather. You never know which direction to choose. One thing for sure is whichever way we go our safety will be in each other’s hands. Although that may seem intimidating for some I not only trust, but believe in every single group member. Our high spirits even after these past two days assures me that whatever gets thrown at us we can dodge. (As time goes on hopefully our reaction times will increase as well)
 I do know what makes anyone happy out here, BIG Ol’ POTLUCK with your neighbor tent.
Yee Haw!

J-SHWAG (Jessica)

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