Thursday, September 30, 2010


Waiting for a train in vain

Early to rise, so not to miss the train. In reality the train missed us, according to a cheery Canadian conductor, the train missed us by a week as a result of a washout down the track a ways. As we stand shivering around all of our unloaded gear alongside the railroad tracks, we come together and regroup. Louise, Denise and Owen from Missinaibi Outfitters come to the rescue. So we reload everything back up onto Owen’s truck and three small cars, practically go carts with four doors. On a positive note we practiced our gear loading/unloading efficiency! A long breakfast of sugary donuts and coffee at Tim Horton’s and we are on our way. The trip was going smoothly until we hit a bump in the road, or should I say spruce grouse. An explosion of feathers clearly showed the fate of this bird. After the “fowl play” we continued to our destination, Hawk Junction, but first a forestry lesson taught by Owen. Did you know that the crowns and branches of the trees that are logged are either left behind or burned, seems wasteful. Also, now-a-days they cut down smaller trees instead of big ones, because we are too impatient to wait for these magnificent plants to grow big and tall. So now they just cut more quantity of smaller trees to compensate. But in Silva culture, is there any compensation for the land? I don’t think we sufficiently repay the earth for our bountiful harvests. Shortly after our talk with Owen we pull into Hawk Junction, we turn a corner and see two white vehicles of destiny, patiently awaiting our arrival. One of these vehicles needed some coaxing with jumper cables, the other with a wrench , but soon enough we are pulling into the voyagers lodge ,where many of us had red meat for the first time in a month. For the veggies, they had vegetables again for the 30th time this month. With full bellies we pull into our pancake bay campsite, where some of us went to bed while others mossied around, pondering what their next move was going to be. There was a discrepancy between sleep times tonight, so our group needs to be more aware of how far there voice travels. However, we all eventually drifted to sleep/ ~Goodbye and goodnight~

You cant always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find, you can get what you need. -stones

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