Thursday, September 30, 2010


Unnamed Rapid after Brunswick

“A group is only a strong as its weakest member.”
Though I don’t completely agree with this, especially today, I am still reminded of it. Today, even with three members feeling down in the dumps or some variation of it, we were still able to make it 12 miles in 3 hours WITH taking at least a 5 minute break every half hour. Last night started things off right with tent mates making soup for their under the whether tent mates. This morning the helping hands, caring hands kept to work cooking, carrying packs, carrying extra weight in boats and more. As all this helping and caring is shown I can’t help but think on the positive side of the scale. All day long the group as a whole cared for each person. Some asked every fifteen minutes, “How are you feeling?” some told funny stories or just acted as their normal goofy self and some were the silent care givers staying to themselves and making the most out of the day trying not to be the person that asked yet again, “are you ok? If you ask me I think our group will be quite all right. We laugh a lot, learn a lot, explore a lot and bicker a lot and in the end we are all one tribe moving in individual directions while still keeping and eye on every other member in the group whether they be the strongest or the not so strong. Though I do not want to have to bight my tongue since we still have to figure out how to live in a 15 passenger van as a group of 13 I still have high hopes for this group. If not we can definitely say we tried.

Peace and Love Always,
Kate Nelson

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