Thursday, September 30, 2010


“Two Portage Falls”

Up at 5am, twenty two miles in the canoes, couple hours of camp set up and cooking, ten minutes of stuffing face, couple hours of debrief, starting this journal entry at 11pm. As fatigue set in during the long paddle and confusion turned into frustration, I took a minute to breath and reflect on the twenty one days that have flown by. It is hard to believe we are just shy of 40 miles from Mattice. It seems like just yesterday that Katy was lighting a stove upside-down (god love her she has come so far since then), or Ryan practically tripping over a bobcat on the beach, and of course Sal finding new, creative ways of expelling his flatulence in or around Jessie’s face (most recently the cartwheel fart). As the day went on, it only got better with a little good conversation. Talk of mom’s home cooking, old high school stories, pranks, sports, friends, holidays and family make me realize how lucky I am. It’s the little things so often overlooked that can turn things around for you. Make the seconds count.


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