Thursday, September 30, 2010


“The Island”

Right now I am sitting on the most perfectly comfortable rock chair on the side of an island in the middle of a giant lake watching the mass of cumulus clouds waltz by; and I am at peace. All I hear is the wind through the trees, the waves against the rocks, and my pencil on the paper. Looking at the clouds I cannot help but to imagine how tall they are, and if I were a cloud, how I would measure up to it. I often wonder about this in real life when I think about how I measure up in the world. We learned, and taught a lot of stuff today and every minute was as entertaining as the last. Although some of us are done with our lessons, there is still much to learn from one another. Each of us is small cloud rolling through the sky, and as we gather knowledge our cloud grows. Maybe one day, if we continue learning past our experiences on E.C.O.E.E., we can become a bigger cloud, a bigger person, and become someone great.

Ashley VanSpeybroeck

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