Monday, October 11, 2010


I slept-in till nine
So I though I’d make this rhyme
Out of the tent I rose
And this aroma hit my nose

The scent of a feast meant for a king
So I followed my nose without hesitating
But its only a dream because Evan is cook
So as my head shook I still had to look

The dutch oven was hot
So I opened the pot
Eggs, cheese, taters and bacon
Evan! I say, what are you makin

He said, “eat as much as you can
This is a meal for a mountain man
So I had a few plates
Then put away coolers and crates

All aboard the van, destination Jack Hole City
As we stagger into town locals look in pity
Some wandered, others pondered
In our clothes freshly laundered

Food, coffee and gear
some of us even had deer

a relaxing day to go shopping
but for Jess there was no hopping
Jess feels no good but refuses aspirin
Sal’s sick too in the same Mocosin

So gear shop to thrift store
Until the last coffee was poured
Homework got done
And others had fun

It was nice to be free
But with this comes responsibility
Im talking about Albertson’s grocer
Where communication could have been closer

However, E.C.O.E.E’s glass is half full
But we all just took a big pull
And now we have an empty glass
Adapt! Adapt! Bleed, tangle and thrash.


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