Sunday, October 31, 2010



Had our last morning at Summit Adventure, it was sad to leave. Thankfully we were able to get a few laughs in as Katy walked out in her nathingsuit over her leggings and leg warmers over that being an 80’s girl. All I could say is, OH Doolan… Summit Adventures was a pretty cool place, not that we saw much of the programming, but the facility was very nice. It felt as close to home as you can get on ECOEE. We got basically two whole days of comfy couches, am awesome wood burning stove as a fire place, a library, an amazing kitchen, bathroom with showers, and the ability to sit around and watch a movie with a MASSIVE bowl of popcorn. Granted we still did get some homework done…even that was relaxing.
Once all rested we left for LACOSS! The LA county Science School in Malibu. How freaking awesome. Come tomorrow we will be cabin leaders for a week hanging out with kids, studying all sorts of fun Environmental Science stuff and overall, just having a blast while learning a TON!
Thank goodness for these last two reboot days! I mean I have an idea of what we are getting ourselves into and let me tell you, you’re going to be greatful too.
Now, I end with saying, have fun this week. Put aside your stress, anxiety and funky moods and take this week for all it has to offer! It is going to be great! Tied pools, streams, mountains, kids and more! MUCH more.
You ready?! Because you better be!
Lets rock this week!

Peace and Love,
Kate Nelson

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