Thursday, October 14, 2010


Preparing for Another Backcountry Journey
Words cannot describe the emotions Giddy, anxious, excited, nervous… another venture into the unknown. As we begin another preparation, packing out backpacks, I glimpsed back to the first days at HFC. Although we had much more bases to cover (preparing for the expedition as a whole) the feelings I have do not differ.
This makes me wonder if they will ever change. Years down the road will the butterflies in my stomach subside to the new experience s I have? I could only hope not for I will never want to lose this sense of uncertainty. It not only makes me feel alive but reassures me that I’m living.
May this new chapter in our ever long adventure be full of surprises (not the kind that slime their way into your shoes), expand our knowledge, and help us enjoy being displaced from the noisy confusion we call “life”.
Check List
• Make some good BC glorp
• Break in my hiking boots (for realzies)
• Re-amp my BC bod
• Learn some new tech. skillz
• Meet some new peeps
• Explore some coo places
• & do things we can’t do when Jeff and Kim are here.

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