Wednesday, October 6, 2010


As we continue on the road of ECOEE we are constantly interacting with different ways of life, cultures, interests and more. Each place we visit has history, traditions, and qualities that are quiet different than back home. Emerson puts it well, “The good thing about going into the mountains is that life is reconsidered, it is far from the slavery of your own modes of living and you have the opportunity of viewing the town at such a distance…” Along the way of ECOEE we are all taking in what we see in the people we pass by. As for what everyone else is doing with what they see I do know that I am always attempting to place myself in the worlds we pass. “Would I fit?” is then the question that comes to my mind. This is even so when I think of the people like Native Americans that have roamed these parts. I am constantly reminded that there is more to life than that of the one we grew up in. Our job now is to find our happy medium, find our piece of the puzzle and the picture on it. Who are we as an individual? Where are we? What are we doing?
I hope we all find our piece of the puzzle.

Peace and Love Always,
Kate Nelson

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